Movers & Shakers

MinuteClinic, robotic clinical technologies, and others have been healthcare's major disruptors of the past, and today other new "rock star" companies are shaking up the foundation of healthcare, presenting the possibility of being major engines of change for the future.

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Home Sweet Home

With the continuum of care broadening beyond the four walls of the hospital and, further, to ever-more convenient and cost-efficient – while still safe – environments, new care models are offering more options – beyond the traditional – for people in their homes.

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Office Hours

For dozens of years, employers - especially large employers - have been a major voice in the reform movement, increasingly taking matters into their own hands and providing medical clinics and healthcare services directly for their employees at the office.

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Pop Health

Chronic conditions and illness have long been a bug-a-boo for improving population health and costs, but new online and other coaching and social programs are bringing new options for care coordinating, managing, and making a difference for special and high-risk groups.

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DIY Consumers

Amidst the vast discussions on price transparency, and “consumerism” in healthcare, new companies and services are being added that support healthcare consumers as they price-compare and pay more attention to “shopping” for healthcare.

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Go Digital

Hundreds of digital, tech start-up companies are rushing into the market, offering lower-cost, consumer-oriented tele-care, virtual care, and text care for people directly in their homes, at work, on their smartphones, or via mobile device apps.

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Care On-Demand

The "anywhere, anytime, when I need it" world of healthcare services and options is exploding, including thousands and thousands of urgent care, retail care, convenience care, express care, and on-demand, walk-in access centers.

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New Front Doors

New front doors for primary care are emerging in every market across America in response to the new, modern, and "retail" demands of the consumer, expanding the notion of the traditional primary care office.

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Care Tools

New medical devices and care tools – with integrated data and communications platforms to connect providers, patients and caregivers – are being added to the doctors’ “modern black bag,” slowly changing the practice of medicine and embedding “smart” new-tech into care management.

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Up & Comers

The ZIGZAG Healthcare Up & Comers are the featured companies in each category that we see great promise in, but that aren't quite ready for a complete packet. They are on our radar. We are watching them closely ... and we want to pass that along to you. Each company has a potentially industry changing idea and has initiated operations, production, funding, and partnerships. Stay tuned, they very well could be the next big innovator on your list.

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